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Money talks

Communication, community engagement and preparedness are key as more National Societies use cash in emergency response.

World Disasters Report 2016IFRC, 2016 A lack of global investment in strengthening community resilience is leaving tens of millions of people exposed to predictable, preventable and catastrophic disaster risks. This [...]
Building on a strong market

In the Dolakha region of Nepal, the IFRC, Nepal Red Cross and Swiss Red Cross train local masons and builders in improved earthquake-resistant construction techniques. Such skills are an essential [...]
The cost of violence

Author and researcher Patricia Leidl says the helping communities recover from crisis and overcoming poverty requires greater protection for women and girls.

In a field hospital at the al Azraq refugee camp, just 100 kilometres from the Syrian border in northern Jordan, a baby is born to a woman fleeing conflict in Syria.

A day at sea

It starts before dawn with a report on the radio. There’s a boat in international waters about 12 nautical miles from Libya. The Topaz Responder, a 51-metre-long vessel custom-built for this task, goes looking.

Guest editorial

Cash, a chance for change
By Degan Ali, executive director of African Development Solutions.

Education in crisis

With more people on the move than ever before, conflicts lasting years and chronic violence on the rise in many areas, millions of children are deprived of even a basic education.

Attacks on aid workers continueA horrific attack on an aid convoy and a warehouse operated by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent near Aleppo killed 20 civilians (including a Red Crescent [...]

Italian Red Cross aids quake victimsAfter a series of earthquakes rocked central Italy between August and November, Italian Red Cross volunteers worked tirelessly to rescue people from the rubble, provide [...]