Paul Lemerise

As ongoing drought ravages large swathes of Africa, other parts of the world have been wracked by heavy rains, tropical storms, massive flooding and landslides. 

Yemen was already the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis before it fell victim to a deadly cholera outbreak that has now claimed some 2,000 lives.

Wherever they are

Wherever they areWhether travelling by train, road, foot or plane, migrants and asylum seekers often find themselves in extremely vulnerable situations. They can be subject to substandard water and close [...]

Thousands more flee violence in MyanmarAid agencies now estimate that some 400,000 people fleeing violence in Myanmar have crossed the border into Bangladesh. “They arrive hungry and dehydrated,” says Mozharul [...]
Crisis within crisis

With conflict and ravaged infrastructure complicating the response, the Somalia drought crisis is a case study on the challenges of saving lives in a complex emergency.

Focus: Beyond borders

Known to his friends as Kaba, Alesani Paroqui comes from Guinea in West Africa. Now living in Settimo Torinese, he works with children in a summer camp held at the [...]

Radical rethinkTo keep pace with rapid and sweeping change, the humanitarian sector needs to fundamentally transform the way it works, moving from isolated action to collective impact. There is a [...]