April 2016

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Guest editorial: A message to the World Humanitarian Summit In a time of mounting crises and rapid change, we must rethink our collective response Humanitarians are forever striving for order. [...]

War surgery in DR Congo: A new splint for the woundedICRC 2016 Part of a series on innovations in war surgery, this latest instalment explains the ICRC’s new traction splint, [...]

Advocacy Resource CentreGlobal Road Safety Partnership/IFRC 2015 The Global Road Safety Partnership, a hosted project of the IFRC, has released an essential new web-based resource to support advocacy efforts for [...]

The Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Ethics and tools for humanitarian actionICRC and IFRC 2015 This booklet uses personal stories and case studies to explain [...]

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power station, near the now abandoned town of Pripyat, Ukraine. Photo: Luke Tchalenko/IFRC Uncommon risksNuclear accidents and other technological disasters are rare. But 30 years after Chernobyl, [...]
Preparing  for the worst

A fishing boat washed up by the 2011 tsunami sits next to black plastic bags containing radiated soil, leaves and debris collected during decontamination operations near the crippled reactor in [...]

Supporting returning domestic workers Some 6.5 million Indonesians work overseas and many of them are female domestic workers. As the Indonesian government increases efforts to ensure their nationals have protection [...]