2015 – Issue 2

Invisible scars

The Movement is doing more to help survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. But it’s a daunting challenge.
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Humanitarian index


Families displaced by recent earthquakes in Nepal

The earthquakes prompted a Movement-wide response, with some 200 international staff from more than 17 National Societies playing a variety of roles. Read more


People though to have died en route from Libya to Lampedusa

Hundreds of thousands of people, including unaccompanied children, have made their way to Europe fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more


People though to have died crossing the Mediterranean

Thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean sea have pushed migration and refugees to the top of the news agenda and inspired global action. Read more

50 million

People forced to migrate last year

The highest number of forced migrants since the Second World War. Read more


Houses damaged by earthquakes in Nepal

More than 222,000 were completely destroyed, according to the Nepali government. Read more


Families displaced by Nepal earthquakes

Thousands of families have received shelter support from the Nepal Red Cross. Read more