2011 issue 3


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To trust, or not to trust?

That is a question many migrants must ask themselves every day as they navigate life on the move, or in new surroundings. A study from the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement sheds light on how to ensure migrants, including refugees, can trust those who are trying to help.

Betel leaves with spice

How Shimul Datta was able to set up a successful business in Kishoreganj’s local market despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Publications issue 3

World Disasters Report 2016IFRC, 2016 A lack of global investment in strengthening community resilience is leaving tens of millions of people exposed to predictable, preventable and catastrophic disaster risks. This is the key message behind the IFRC’s World Disasters Report 2016. According to the report, despite broad recognition that investing in resilience before a disaster [...]