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Four decades of humanitarian storytelling

In this two-month podcast series, Red Cross Red Crescent magazine staff revisit some of the most interesting and inspiring people we've interviewed during 40 years of Red Cross Red Crescent magazine’s coverage of humanitarian action.

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A chat with interesting people on the ground. Learn first-hand how Red Cross and Red Crescents are tackling issues like climate change and migration.

Migration and trust

To trust or not to trust? That is the question many migrants must ask as they consider reaching out for humanitarian services. For some, the answer could be a matter of life and death. If migrants don’t trust people who are offering health care or other forms of assistance and protection, they may say ‘no thanks’. And that could make their situation even worse. In this series of selfie videos from volunteers and migration experts around the world, Red Cross Red Crescent magazine explores the challenge of gaining and maintaining trust with people on the move.

Bangladesh: Rising above

Storms, cyclones, floods, Covid-19. These and other disasters are pushing the limits of people in Bangladesh as they strive to rise above these crises and ensure the well-being of themselves and their families.

As part of the Red Cross Red Crescent Storytelling Lab, Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteers have produced inspiring stories showing the journey of people who are rising above the challenges of successive crises.

Quiet crises, quiet heros

Every Wednesday in July, we will shed light on many stories about crises that go unnoticed because they happen in relative isolation: an elderly man fighting a chronic, life-threatening disease; a family desperate to find services for a child with a severe disability, a mother learning a new skill to make ends meet.

In these four stories, told by Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan volunteers, we get to know people going through just these kinds of private challenges and we meet the quiet heros and heroines who are there to help.

Unanswered questions

Every Wednesday during May and June 2022, Red Cross and Red Crescents experts will delve into trending topics like debunking climate change myths, answering questions about mental health and reacting to what Hollywood movies get right and wrong about disasters. Stay tuned every week for fresh videos!

Faces of Yemen: Our lives beyond conflict

This series of stories, told by volunteers from Yemen Red Crescent Society, aims to shift the narrative about the conflict in the country by taking us into the everyday lives of six ordinary people who do extraordinary things to protect the lives and well-being of their loved ones and their communities.

Recipes for Resilience 2021

Exploring the foods we love, the people who cook them and the links between our favorite meals and the critical challenges of our times. These stories aren’t just about food. They are about inclusion, fundamental good health and economic survival. They are about community, equal opportunity, dignity and about love.

The great data gold rush

In this series, we explore how humanitarian organizations use data in creative new ways to help people around the world through immense hardship. And we examine the great challenge humanitarians face in the 21st century: protecting people from harm in the physical world is entirely dependent on the protection of their personal data, their virtual persona, in cyberspace. Stay tuned! We will release episodes 2 and 3 weekly

Women in Science

For centuries, women have made significant contributions to science, medicine and technology. Thanks to their work, the world is safer, healthier and more humane. The tradition continues. Meet Romy, astrophysics student and volunteer at Slovak Red Cross, and Eva, biologist and emergency response delegate at Spanish Red Cross. With this series, we celebrate all women and girls in science.

Recipes for Resilience

Food brings us closer together. It connects us to our roots, to our family and our traditions. But climate change, economic upheaval, displacement or conflict are putting the nutrition and well-being of many communities at great risk. In this series we explore the foods we love, the people who cook them and the links between our favorite meals and the critical human challenges of our times.

Expert Sources

Through a series of online interviews with different experts from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Red Cross Red Crescent magazine dives deep to explore different angles in which Covid-19 is affecting some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. How would Ramadan change during lockdown? How to support people with disabilities during this health emergency? Join us in this Expert Sources series and find out more.

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