Bangladesh: Rising above

Bangladesh: Rising above

Storms, cyclones, floods, Covid-19. These and other disasters are pushing the limits of people in Bangladesh as they strive to rise above these crises and ensure the well-being of themselves and their families.

As part of the Red Cross Red Crescent Storytelling Lab, Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteers have produced inspiring stories showing the journey of people who are rising above the challenges of successive crises.

Rising above the cyclone

How women’s empowerment, cash programs, and resilience training are helping families in the coastal region of Bangladesh to prepare and rebuild their lives in the face of recurrent storms and floods.

A river that gives and takes

The risk of flooding in Rangpur, Bangladesh represents a big challenge for people’s lives in small-scale fishing communities. Even after the destruction from the monsoon season of 2019, people are still striving to rebuild their livelihoods from scratch.