Migration and trust

Migration and trust

To trust or not to trust? That is the question many migrants must ask as they consider reaching out for humanitarian services. For some, the answer could be a matter of life and death. If migrants don’t trust people who are offering health care or other forms of assistance and protection, they may say ‘no thanks’. And that could make their situation even worse. In this series of selfie videos from volunteers and migration experts around the world, Red Cross Red Crescent magazine explores the challenge of gaining and maintaining trust with people on the move.

‘I was afraid’

Migrants often have a lot to be afraid of as they struggle to get by in new surroundings: Arrest. Deportation. Violence. Theft. But building and maintaining trust is possible, say experts. They share their advice in this short, selfie-style video.

A smooth landing

For volunteers like Sami Rahikainen, building trust with migrants who are coming to a new place in the search of a brand new life is crucial. This is his story.

To trust, or not to trust?

That is a question many migrants must ask themselves every day as they navigate life on the move, or in new surroundings. A study from the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement sheds light on how to ensure migrants, including refugees, can trust those who are trying to help.