War surgery in DR Congo: A new splint for the wounded

ICRC 2016

Part of a series on innovations in war surgery, this latest instalment explains the ICRC’s new traction splint, which can be put together in five minutes, folded up and adjusted to any size of femur. What’s more, it doesn’t rust and is available at an unbeatable price. ICRC surgeon Hassan Nasreddine drew on his long experience in the field to design this splint for leg fractures. From Ndosho hospital in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, he explains the advantages for both patient and doctor.

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The Power of Humanity – International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

IFRC 2015

This dynamic and dramatic promotional video shows the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement at work. While the video has no narration and few texts, the images and graphics give viewers a sense of the Movement’s values and how the different members of the Movement provide vital assistance in times of crisis and support communities in becoming stronger and safer through a variety of development projects and humanitarian activities.

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When lightning strikes twice (or even three times)

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing a critical examination of how communities and countries prepare for multiple, overlapping crises. Here are a few lessons the Japanese Red Cross Society learned after the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown ten years ago this month.

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