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Debunking Climate Change myths (part 02)

Let’s debunk some Climate Change myths. Did you know that climate change is much more than global warming? Find out what’s true and false in this episode.

There are many unanswered questions online about the climate crisis, and unfortunately, lots of misinformation. That’s why we took the task of debunking some of the most common Climate Change myths?

Climate experts around the world addressed a number of questions several users have asked on social media channels and debunked those myths or fake news about this global emergency.

To know more about the topic and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre, visit


Going mobile

In Argentina, mobile humanitarian service points not only bring critical services such as first aid, water, food and warm clothes. They bring a feeling of safety and trust, which are critical for helping people on the move.

Resilient beans

In Honduran communities at high risk of disasters, a Red Cross project helps families strengthen resilience and increase income through enterprises such as coffee production.

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