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What Hollywood disaster movies get right and wrong

Have you ever wondered how realistic are action movies when they talk about disasters? We tell you all about it!

Action movies about disasters are thrilling because they keep us on the edge of our seats. But how realistic are they? What do they get right or wrong compared to real-life cases?

On this episode, join Elzat Mamutalieva and Jamie Lesueur, two IFRC emergency specialists, who analyse impactful scenes from San Andreas and Dante’s Peak.

If you would like to check more information about safety guidelines and do’s and don’ts during disasters, please visit https://www.ifrc.org/what-disaster 


Going mobile

In Argentina, mobile humanitarian service points not only bring critical services such as first aid, water, food and warm clothes. They bring a feeling of safety and trust, which are critical for helping people on the move.

Resilient beans

In Honduran communities at high risk of disasters, a Red Cross project helps families strengthen resilience and increase income through enterprises such as coffee production.

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