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Debunking Climate Change myths

Climate experts around the world addressed social media questions about some of the most common myths about Climate Change.

What is the point in debunking Climate Change myths? 

There are many unanswered questions online like, aren’t heatwaves better for farming? Or, which strategies do we need to protect the poorest countries from the climate crisis? 

Climate experts around the world addressed these and other questions users have asked on social media channels and debunked some of the most common myths about this global emergency.

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‘We’ve tried everything’

Meet Hassan Al Kontar, the renowned “man in the airport,” who was stuck in an airport while seeking asylum. Also with Houda Al-Fadil, a Syrian refugee striving to rebuild her cooking business after surviving a devastating earthquake in Türkiye.

Going mobile

In Argentina, mobile humanitarian service points not only bring critical services such as first aid, water, food and warm clothes. They bring a feeling of safety and trust, which are critical for helping people on the move.

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