31.12.2014, Manhattan, New York City. The American Red Cross, New York Chapter, Emergency Communication Center (ECC) is a 24/7 service run by volunteers and staff who monitor fires via the radio and a direct line to the NYC fire department. The ECC dispatches Red Cross responders to assist victims throughout New York City’s five boroughs.
26.01.2015, Queens, New York City. American Red Cross responders Ivan Callazo and Nadé Coulibaly speak with members of the Tapper family whose apartment was damaged by fire and smoke. The responders gather information to help them determine the needs of the family in order to better assist them. The family was given blankets, a cleanup kit, 3 metro cards, food for four people and housing for two nights at a local hotel.
31.12.2014, Manhattan, New York City. American Red Cross responder uses a tablet and Google maps to locate a home that was damaged by fire. The street view allows the responder to see what house looks making it easier to find.
Jamaica, Queens, New York City. Part-time Red Cross Responder, Nicole Marks, uses an iPad to enter information about a family who has been ordered to vacate their fire -damaged home by the fire department for reasons of health and safety. Red Cross volunteers have only recently begun using iPad technology with web-based software called CAS, which is a case management system. All the details are uploaded via a data SIM card inserted in the iPad. This also allows Red Cross volunteers to add credit to a debit card, which can be part of the assistance that the Red Cross provides.
Jamaica, Queens, New York. Red Cross Volunteer Regional Coordinator, Richard Gallis, speaks with Timothy Ramlagan and his wife, Anuska Singh, whose residence was damaged by fire. The couple and their two small children were forced to vacate the premises by the fire department for reasons of health and safety. Richard explains the immediate assistance that the Red Cross can offer the family and what the family should do in the coming days to receive longer-term assistance, should they require it. The couple is invited to meet with a caseworker at the Red Cross chapter headquarters in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. The caseworker can direct them to other services outside the Red Cross.


‘Our techniques are working!’

Following principles of ‘build-back safer’ and ‘build back local’, some communities in Madagascar are boosting their resilience to tropical storms. Some have already passed their first, very severe test: Cyclone Freddy.

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