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Talking OPENLY about mental health

It’s about time to speak openly about the stigma around mental health.

How is your mental health today?

The news and the crises around the world have put a huge toll on our mental well-being. But seeking help for our mental health is still a stigma.

We asked three experts to speak OPENLY about mental health and the stigma around it. No one will judge you if you want to seek help. Especially after a global pandemic that has affected us all.

For the next two months every Wednesday, we will delve into trending topics like debunking climate change myths, answering questions about mental health and reacting to what Hollywood movies get right and wrong about disasters. Stay tuned!


Going mobile

In Argentina, mobile humanitarian service points not only bring critical services such as first aid, water, food and warm clothes. They bring a feeling of safety and trust, which are critical for helping people on the move.

Resilient beans

In Honduran communities at high risk of disasters, a Red Cross project helps families strengthen resilience and increase income through enterprises such as coffee production.

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