Issue 1-2016

Movement voice heard in Paris climate talks

Movement voice heard in Paris climate talks After states taking part in the ‘COP 21’ climate talks in Paris in December 2015 adopted an agreement to reduce emissions and set specific targets for global temperature rises, the IFRC urged governments and partners to place communities most at risk from climate change at the centre of [...]


War surgery in DR Congo: A new splint for the woundedICRC 2016 Part of a series on innovations in war surgery, this latest instalment explains the ICRC’s new traction splint, which can be put together in five minutes, folded up and adjusted to any size of femur. What’s more, it doesn’t rust and is available [...]

Online tools

Advocacy Resource CentreGlobal Road Safety Partnership/IFRC 2015 The Global Road Safety Partnership, a hosted project of the IFRC, has released an essential new web-based resource to support advocacy efforts for improved road safety policies and implementation of programmes. This new online Advocacy Resource Centre is a one-stop resource for civil society organizations, National Societies and [...]


The Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Ethics and tools for humanitarian actionICRC and IFRC 2015 This booklet uses personal stories and case studies to explain what the Fundamental Principles are and how they apply in today’s world. Imagine you’re a volunteer driving an ambulance in a country going through civil [...]

Uncommon risks

Nuclear accidents and other technological disasters are rare. But 30 years after Chernobyl, the disaster reminds us of the urgent need to prepare.

Taiwan Red Cross responds to deadly earthquake

Taiwan Red Cross responds to deadly earthquake Five rescue teams from the Taiwan Red Cross supported government and military emergency services in searching the ruins of collapsed buildings in Tainan City in early February, after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck in the south of Taiwan. In the most difficult cases, the teams spent hours digging through [...]

With Ebola outbreak waning, a focus on early detection

With Ebola outbreak waning, a focus on early detection As cases of Ebola virus disease dwindled to near zero in West Africa, the IFRC renewed its call for increased investment in early warning and response mechanisms. “Unfortunately, the threat has not passed and our focus now must be on strengthening capacity [in Guinea, Liberia and [...]

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