Radical rethink

To keep pace with rapid and sweeping change, the humanitarian sector needs to fundamentally transform the way it works, moving from isolated action to collective impact.

Urban resilience: a tale of two cities

We could say that today’s rapid urbanization is a tale of two cities. The first is a story of shining high-rises, the second, a tale of sprawling shanty towns. A guest editorial by Fouad Bendimerad.

Guest editorial

Cash, a chance for change
By Degan Ali, executive director of African Development Solutions.

Guest editorials: World Humanitarian Summit — a big deal for humanity?

Guest editorials World Humanitarian Summit: a big deal for humanity? Merewalesi Nailatikau Youth commission chair, Fiji Red Cross Society I was quite proud of the Movement’s position at the Summit, particularly with its emphasis on human dignity and the idea of ‘intervention as local as possible, as international as necessary’ as well as our message [...]

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